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about us
About NBH Partnership

About Us

The Northeast Behavioral Health Partnership was established in the State of Colorado in 2008 as a joint venture between two highly qualified behavioral health managed care organizations: Northeast Behavioral Health, LLC, and ValueOptions, Inc.  With nearly a combined 25 years of experience serving Colorado Medicaid Members, the Partnership has the collective strength, experience and resources to meet the needs of the Members in the Northeast Service Area.

Northeast Behavioral Health (NBH) and ValueOptions have combined our considerable strengths and experiences to offer a client-centered and family-focused service delivery system based upon:

  • Passion for the mission of service to the poor and disabled;
  • Appreciation and respect for the geographic and population density challenges of the Service Area;
  • Belief in the power of hope for recovery and a meaningful life;
  • Commitment to the principles of resiliency and recovery;
  • Openness to the voices of Members, clients, families, providers, and stakeholders;
  • Knowledge of industry best practices and eagerness to implement them;
  • Adaptation of leading edge technologies to our needs; and
  • Analysis of the mental health needs of our Members. 

This system is focused, day in and day out, on delivering the right services by the right providers at the right times in order to prevent or remedy mental illness. This system knows that timely and convenient access, in traditional and non-traditional settings, is the key to both recovery and cost containment and that our penetration rate is one measure of our success. This system selects the best providers and ensures that each is competent at his or her practice, knowledgeable of the principles of recovery and resiliency, culturally competent, and skilled in the engagement of clients and families through the process of shared decision-making. This system insists that every intervention is based on a comprehensive and valid assessment of both what is right and what is wrong with the client. This system acts based on a client and family driven service plan, coordinated across the broader service system, and attuned to the special needs of clients during service transitions and in special behavioral health populations. This system knows that it needs the assistance and advocacy of caregivers both formal and informal, and linkages to special programs and services both inside and outside of the Medicaid funding stream.